WO103 Autonomous JSON Database Web Services Support

This is a practical example about using Autonomous JSON Database to query a web service with SPARQL endpoint, provide access to data via REST Data Services, using secure ORDS endpoints with OAuth and HTTPS. All these working just with preinstalled SQL Developer Web and Apex, no other tools needed.

Modern application development requires JSON native support. Common document store databases are missing full ACID compliance, basic relational capabilities, security, and require multiple tools for development and data management. Oracle Autonomous JSON Database (AJD) provides the same benefits as NoSQL document stores, with full SQL support, ACID transactions, Simple Oracle Document Access (SODA) APIs, total security, Application Express (APEX) low-code development, Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS), OAuth delegated authorization framework, SQL-based Reporting and Analytics, and many more, in a 24/7 highly available Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service, at a lower price, pay for only what you use. This is a practical scenario showing a simple use case of AJD.

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