SPOUG Mastermind EBS – Automate Configuration Loading / Migration and Comparisons in the E-Business Suite

Flexibility to target and load specific setup is key in any E-Business Suite (EBS) implementation, rollout, release cycle, upgrade etc. The ability to then readily confirm settings are consistent across multiple EBS environments or entities is paramount. Basic implementation tools are provided but do not consider practical usage, lack clarity of reporting or consistency checking and require numerous loading mechanisms / user interfaces.

Join us for this presentation where we will take you through just how easy it can be, with the right tools, to work with the EBS configuration settings and extract, transform, load, compare them across environments, entities, time and even upgrades / patch levels. We will touch on the automated generation of BR100s, comparing settings across multiple EBS environments, seeing the impacts of upgrades, loading targeted settings across environments, tracking who / what is making changes and user access / segregation of duties reporting etc.

The session should be of interest to anyone working with the E-Business Suite Applications.

The session will provide an overview of how the use of ConfigSnapshot can save time, cost and risk at all stages of the E-Business Suite application lifecycle. An introduction to the automatic documentation generation, customization identification and upgrade impact analysis, configuration comparisons, configuration loading and migration, change tracking and user access management.

¿Qué se va a aprender? Automation is available for the E-Business Suite to manage and control configuration settings.


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