SPOUG Academy: Python & AI/ML – League of Legends Machine Learning with OCI – Introduction to Neural Networks

One day, I woke up and said: how hard could it be to integrate Machine Learning into Gaming, an industry where everything is already software? I started researching the most popular games and, with some gaming experience I had growing up, I decided to look deeper into League of Legends.

Long story short, after some months of developing my League of Legends API wrapper (making calls to the official API with functions I created myself), I started extracting data from professional players with the hopes of creating a Machine Learning predictor that would tell me how I was performing in a match during and after the match itself.

This is what this workshop is going to teach you.

In this lab, you will complete the following steps:

✓ Understand what a Neural Network is and how it works

✓ Creating an ML model

✓ Web Sockets / Data Streaming Techniques

✓ Integrating ML Models with Data Pipelines

¿Qué se va a aprender? You’ll learn about Data Science, Data Engineering, developing programs with Python, the basics about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (in all of my workshops).

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