SPOUG Academy: Pyhton & AI/ML – League of Legends Machine Learning with OCI – Data Extraction

League of Legends is one of the most played videogames in the entire world. In this workshop, we’ll leverage the power of AI with League of Legends in a unique and innovative way. We’ll dive deep into extractable data (accessible through the game’s API), how to structure this data, and how to use it to train our own Machine Learning model to generate real-time predictions about any match.

Are you interested in learning machine learning (ML)? How about doing this in the context of the exciting world of gaming?! Get your ML skills bootstrapped here!

In this lab, you will complete the following steps:

✓ Data Collection – Download datasets

✓ Data Preparation – Preparing datasets

✓ Data Load – Searching for patterns in datasets

✓ Implement ML Models – Develop, different ML models, evaluate best model and tune

✓ Data Integration – Connecting to real-time data sources

¿Qué se va a aprender? You’ll learn about Data Science, Data Engineering, developing programs with Python, the basics about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (in all of my workshops).

REGÍSTRATE AQUÍ: https://spoug.trainercentral.eu/session/league-of-legends-machine-learning-with-oci—data-extraction-9533800771