SPOUG Academy: Phyton & AI/ML – Kickstart your Machine Learning project on Oracle Autonomous Database

Starting with Oracle Machine Learning (OML) can be a piece of cake if you have your data in an Oracle Database. You can start using the built-in algorithms to build OML models, with no need to set up expensive, separate environments, and clone or move data.
In this session, we will use Oracle Machine Learning AutoML User Interface on an Insurance dataset to create models that predict a customer’s willingness to buy insurance. We will score the data using the SQL and REST API with POSTMAN or CURL.

• Oracle Machine Learning Overview
• Oracle Machine Learning interfaces to Oracle Database
• OML AutoML User Interface
• OML Services
In the Demo part I would like to show:
• How to create models using AutoML UI and Autonomous Database
• How to score a model using OML Notebooks
• How to score a model using OML Services and REST APIs

What we learn? What is the difference between Machine Learning algorithms and models, and how to use them with the Oracle Autonomous Database.

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