SPOUG Academy: Cloud Native – Simplify Microservices with Oracle Database Cloud

We share best practices and examples of building microservices at cloud scale with a persistence layer in the database. Identifying bounded contexts and communicating between microservices is handled by schema isolation and transactional event queues. This eliminates complexity coming from multiple moving parts to build, deploy, and operate a platform for microservices.

Microservices have significant advantages, but data-driven and event-driven microservices create complexity that needs to be simplified. Oracle Database Cloud provides application and data services that are robust and simple for developing microservices. These include support for multiple languages, a variety of data types, exactly-once messaging guarantees, data integrity, and end-to-end observability using open standards. This session describes these with a real-world microservices example. We will also show how to build a cloud-native platform.

REGISTRO AQUI: https://academy.spoug.es/sessions/simplify-microservices-with-oracle-database-cloud–5539661609