SPOUG Academy: Cloud Native – Application Modernisation Pathways [JavaEE Apps / WebLogic]

Do you want to learning how to modernise & get most out of your existing Java EE apps running on WebLogic, and would like to see how simplified the journey could be with various tooling, frameworks and solutions being built by Oracle. Join me in this session where i will cover this in-depth.

During this Session we will discuss the Application Modernization Pathways. We will go through the challenges faced by businesses and how to choose the right modernisation journey for their existing solution.

The session will cover deep dive into modernise your Java / Jakarta EE application workload deployed on WebLogic. The tooling, framework and approaches that oracle offers in this journey. I will also cover how we are making it simple for customers to move their workload to Cloud Native paradigm and simplify management and operations with Verrazzano.

We will also cover in more details of unique capabilities offered by WebLogic on OCI [Technologies covered: Java EE, WebLogic, Helidon, Coherence, Verrazzano, Cloud Native. Microservices]

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