SPOUG Academy: Cloud Native – Native Image – Low Footprint Java in the Cloud

Java apps are great in the Cloud, but how can you make them as light-weight as possible? GraalVM Native Image is a technology that converts your applications into native executables that start super fast & have a low resource footprint.

In this session we will learn what GraalVM Native Image is, what its benefits are and how it can help us use less resources in the Cloud. By using less resources we can save money, but without having to sacrifice the performance, or the ease of use of the Java language. We’ll then wrap things up with a live demo of how to build an application using GraalVM Native Image, deploy it to Kubernetes and compare its resource usage to the same application running on the JVM.

REGISTRO AQUI: https://academy.spoug.es/sessions/native-image—low-footprint-java-in-the-cloud–3564042814