SPOUG Academy: Cloud Architectures – Delivering an integration strategy for cloud applications on OCI

The session will go through the major hurdles we have encountered in real-life projects, and showcase solution patterns and tooling, available both on OCI and Open-Source.

As more and more applications live inside an organization, the need for integration is only rising. However, the approaches to integration that we used a few years ago can no longer respond to the current needs, especially in a microservices world, where the integration need is several times higher. Also, the need to integrate with both on-premise and cloud poses its own challenges. Multicloud, cloud-onpremise, distributed systems… all these need to have specific strategies so that applications don’t suffer in terms of performance and resilience. In this session, we’ll look into these specific challenges and how we can address them, using a series of capabilities and architecture patterns, delivering strong and reliable applications for your organization.

Solution patterns and tooling to address all integation needs in the current organization’s landscape.

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