Oracle Database 21c for Developers

Oracle Database 21c brings a host of SQL and PL/SQL enhancements to help you build better, faster, more secure data-driven applications. The Oracle Database 21c has a lot new things you should be aware of, and this is the perfect opportunity for you to get into the detail of some o them and not just getting a high level overview. This session will be driven throughout a real story / use case in order to give you an overview of the top new features for developers, including: * SQL macros which you can use to make reusable SQL fragments * Window clause enhancements for analytic functions * Improved loop controls and array initialization methods in PL/SQL * JSON If you’re a developer or DBA who regularly writes SQL or PL/SQL and wants to keep up to date this session is for you! At the end of the session we’ll save time for the Q&A having the unique opportunity of sharing your questions with the audience and Chris.