Oracle 21c Top Ten New Features for MultiTenant and Pluggable Databases


Oracle Database 21c adds over 200 new features. This session introduces and explores ten of the best additions and enhancements related to MultiTenant databases, including:

* Secure isolation of CDB and PDB processes through Database Nest

* New capabilities for cloning and synchronizing Pluggable Databases

* Improvements to PDB recovery operations

* Custom installation and configuration for Oracle Label Security and Database Vault for individual PDBs

* Manage and control PDB resources in Oracle Clusterware This session offers database administrators and engineers practical observations and insights from real-world implementations of ten new features introduced in Oracle Database 21c.

We’ll step beyond the marketing material with hands-on demonstrations and comparisons against existing solutions. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding for the usefulness and impact of these features, enabling a more informed assessment for the role Oracle Database 21c has in their environments.