INF026 Love your logs to get to (Dev)Ops Nirvana

Logs can help you to (Dev)Ops Nirvana. Logs can reveal lots of information that can help ensure systems run smoothly. The challenge is getting at it. Here we’ll see CNCF’s Fluentd help using a demo of the distributed, intelligent filtering & routing of log events to Slack, ElasticSearch & files.

Handled in the right way, your logs can help you to (Dev)Ops Nirvana. Our logs can reveal a wealth of valuable information that can help us ensure systems run smoothly. The challenge is getting to that information, and being able to react in a timely manner. But it isn’t necessarily easy, we have moved from simple single-process applications to context switching reactiveness, with containers that can come and go in the blink of an eye. Not to mention infrastructure that can change at the press of a key.

CNCF’s Fluentd can help us see all the complexity, and get to the heart of things. Logs are just a special kind of event. If we can capture, extract structured meaning from the text, filter, and route those events to the right places in a timely manner we can get to a place where we can see and predict the behavior of our system and become proactive, not reactive

Fluentd isn’t without merit either, it provides monitoring underpins or supports to Google, AWS and Oracle clouds.

In this session we’ll look at how we can use Fluentd take us on the journey towards Nirvana with the capabilities it has to offer including a demo illustrating the routing log events to Slack or ElasticSearch based on derived understanding from the log events.