DEV116 A suite tool used in areas where we need to keep traceability of physical/digital objects to ensure the Immutability, trust and an Inter-Agency consensus with all stakeholders. 

I would like to share some point of view and capabilities regarding one of our cutting-edge projects where we have developed a POC in 4 months with a suite of tools to ensure immutability of physical objects allowing the exchange of them and having a full traceability in the custody chain.

We have used technology like Oracle Blockchain Platform to store the transactions, Oracle Visual Builder to create the applications front end (a mobile app and an administration portal) and a set of RESTful services to interact between all objects (login, validation, security, etc).

The mobile application is used to simplify the asset’s exchanges between two parties using the mobile geo-localization for proximity and QR codes to minimize data-entry; once the transaction is completed and committed by both parties, it is consented and stored in a Blockchain Network stamping the new custody of the assets. In the administration portal it is possible to attach digital information like images, videos or any kind of document to describe the asset and it is possible to follow the e2e traceability in a visual way to see the full chain of custody and share some information with 3rd parties.