DEV115 API Gateway or Service Mesh – Complementary or excluding concepts? 

API Gateway are already around for a while. In the of area of Microservices, additional concepts like Service meshes start to arise, which seems to address similar challenges as API Gateways. So the question is when to use which one?

API Gateway are already around for a while. With the rise of Microservices architectures and highly distributed architectures, new concepts like Service meshes arise. Since Service mesh and API Gateway implementations seem to have similar functionalities, we have to deal with questions wether to use the one or the other. But is it really an “or”? Maybe is it just another fallacy?

In this session, I’ll explain basic concepts, common functionalities and differences for both concepts, to answer the question, if it’s complementary or excluding concepts? To make this session more practical, it’ll be supported by coding examples where certain aspects of the talk are shown based on Cloud-native example app that run upon OCI.