DEV107 Application UI Design in a Mobile Device World 

Users now expect the business applications they work with to work like mobile apps they are accustomed to. This session explains the three key design principles that developers of any discipline can use to meet those expectations. It also discusses existing standards that can be used as a template

Mobile app design has raised the bar for the design of modern business applications. Business users now expect the speed and intuitiveness of mobile apps to be in the applications they run at work. In addition, modern business applications may need to support multiple display devices and their mobile capabilities such as orientation change.

This session examines why our application user interfaces using popular development environments–such as JavaScript, Java, or even .NET–need to comply with principles used in mobile apps. It then reviews standards available from sources such as Oracle Alta UI for guiding user interface design of new or existing applications so they fulfill expectations for device support and intuitiveness.

The presentation also shows examples that demonstrate mobile design principles, and it closes with suggesting resources for further study.

After this session, attendees will be better able understand the top aspects of mobile applications that developers / designers need to consider these days when creating user interfaces for any environment.