DB059 Next Generation Oracle ACFS – What, Why, and How

This session offers a deep dive of ACFS architecture and its functionalities and features, comprehending the product evolution until today with the latest generation what it has to offer.

Are you an Oracle ACFS user? Great, come and join us and learn know more about our fundamentals and where are we heading in the future. Not a user? Do not worry, please join us and learn on what you are missing regarding this amazing cluster file system.

The session will start with an overview of our architecture and how we are integrated into the Grid Infrastructure and the Oracle Real Application Clusters stack. Then, we will move on into the intricacies of our functionalities and features such as Snapshotting, Replication, Tagging, Encryption, HA-NFS/SMB Extensions and more; we will then move into the future and what the Next Generation of Oracle ACFS has to offer.

By the end of this session you will have learned about What the Oracle ASM Cluster File System is, Why you should use it in your environment and How you can actually leverage all that ACFS has to offer.