DAT021 What’s Your Super-Power? Mine is Machine Learning with Oracle Autonomous DB. 

You’re a developer or DBA who’s struggling with how best to help your organization to become digitally driven through Machine Learning and Analytics … or maybe just preserve your career options. Find out how Oracle Autonomous Database can help you transit to becoming a Data Science Enabler (DSE).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are a lot like preserving the Earth’s environment: Almost everyone is talking about what should be done to save it, but very few people have committed to actually doing something about it.

This session demonstrates a few real-life opportunities to discover unseen patterns and relationships within sample financial and election data by leveraging the AI and ML capabilities already built into Oracle Autonomous Database.

Through presentations and online demonstrations, this session illustrates how to: – Understand the basics of what AI and ML promise – Use the built-in ML features of Autonomous Database to analyze data patterns in several dimensions – Build simple visual models that uncover patterns hidden within data

Topics: 1. Unlearn What You Have Learned: What Machine Learning (ML) Promises 2. So … Just How Much ML Do I Really Need? 3. Leveraging Built-In AuDB ML Capabilities in Under 10 Minutes 4. See the Difference? Using Visual Representation to Discover Hidden Patterns 5. ML and AuDB: Future Directions

Objectives: 1. The attendee will comprehend the basics of ML in relation to discovering patterns hidden within data volumes. 2. The attendee will discover how to leverage Autonomous Database ML capabilities as an introduction into its future promise for data cleansing and interpretation. 3. The attendee will understand how data visualization helps to uncover unknown patterns often hidden within data to make common-sense business decisions.