DAT005 Predicting Skier Days with Oracle Data Mining 

In winter skiing is a popular sport in Switzerland. But not on all winter days the skiing regions are used to capacity. There are slow days as well as busy days. To plan, they need to know how many skiers they have to expect on which day during the season. This information allows planning the number of employees in restaurants as well as the staffing of their lifts. This talk discusses the first steps with Oracle Data Mining Features in a research project with a Swiss Skiing Region, entry obstacles, and how to build a prediction model on Oracle Autonomous Cloud as a beginner.

This session demonstrates how to prepare data for data mining, how to create models, and how to make predictions for the future. It discusses the challenges that beginners face when they enter the field of data mining and how those challenges can be defeated. It shows how to build a prediction algorithm with free tools only in a research project together with a swiss skiing region. During the session, essential tips for data preparation are shown, and possibilities are explained of data mining and machine learning in the oracle database.