ST161 Oracle ERP Cloud, un modelo de éxito para estandarizar e internacionalizar tu negocio. (Stand: MCR)

Oracle ERP Cloud in SaaS is nowadays a good and more stable solution with a good business (functional) coverage. Backoffices can must be standardized however flexibility on front office processes is key to help companies to develop their digitalizations. A successful project requires a good implementation strategy defined together between the customer and the integrator.

ERP SaaS implementations require a good implementation strategy that starts with the standardization of the back office processes and flexibility and a good integration strategy for all the processes involving your customers. This flexibility is critical to adjust and develop your commercial processes and solutions supporting them to avoid disruptions from the market. Finally the ERP integrator needs to be prepared for these “new” ERP SaaS projects. A good understanding of the business drivers and challenges, technical integration skills offered by Oracle ERP Cloud are critical compencies to set a robust and scalable baseline for companies willing to develop their International development thanks to Oracle ERP Cloud.