SPOUG Academy: Phyton & AI/ML – Oracle Database Machine Learning in Python (Oracle AI/ML)

This workshop introduces you to Oracle Machine Learning for Python (OML4Py) on Oracle Database 21c. OML4Py supports scalable in-database data exploration and preparation using native Python syntax, invocation of in-database algorithms for model building and scoring, and embedded execution of user-defined Python functions from Python or REST APIs.

• Prepare and explore data with Jupyter Notebooks on Oracle Database 21c
• Multi-label and binary classification with Neural Networks & Decision Trees
• Generalized Linear Model regression to predict numeric values
• K-Means algorithm for customer clustering for marketing segmentation
• Use Attribute Importance to rank customer attributes, and Singular Value Decomposition for feature extraction
• AutoML Algorithm Selection, Feature Selection, Model Tuning, and Model Selection

You learn how to create, train, and use for multiple use cases machine learning models with different algorithms directly inside Oracle Database.

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