SPOUG Academy: Base de datos vectorial + RAG + Partnership Cohere – Oracle ML, ChatGPT, Cohere, & Foundation Models

Every app or product will start to leverage AI & ML (Machine Learning)!  Knowing the basics of when/where to leverage these advancements may be the difference between success & failure in the future with the Vector Database.  Knowing what math & biases are behind the scenes.  We’ll look at the latest technologies and algorithms that part of many products, but also the products  used to leverage AI/ML & Chatbots (including Large Language Models – LLMs). We will explore how to leverage and integrate AI into your companies tech plan for an advantage or just security. We’ll see the state of AI & ML and how you can test and use this technology to create the future (using SQL, R, or Python). We’ll also look at the current Acceleration of Clouds with the Big Data Revolution & Internet of Things (IOT) which is driving the Cloud even Faster.  You’ll see how to innovate better understanding leading edge products. Not for the experts.

How to leverage AI and Machine Learning (ML) by understanding what you can do with them. Every app & product will start to leverage AI/ML! We’ll look at algorithms (in English) & what they can do for you. We’ll also briefly look at ChatGPT & Foundation Model basics. Not for the experts.

¿Qué se va a aprender? Oracle Machine Learning Algorithm uses, ChatGPT, Cohere (& Vector Databse), & Foundation Models


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