Oracle Developer Live—Cloud Native Apps

By joining, you will learn how to quickly and easily build modern, cloud native applications using Kubernetes, Terraform, and serverless technologies on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Please register via below link:

Attendees can expect the following highlights:

Best practices from world-class organizations

Learn from the experts as they share their best practices and experiences with cloud native technologies at Zoom, FedEx, Interac, BIAS Corporation, and A10 Networks.

Welcome keynote with Oracle and Interac 

Hear from Oracle’s Rajesh Viswanathan how fellow developers are leveraging the benefits of cloud native services without compromising their high expectations. Peter Mendis will share how Interac leveraged Oracle’s broad portfolio of cloud applications and services.

Breakout sessions 

Choose from eight sessions focusing on app modernization, building beyond Kubernetes, autoscaling, cloud native security processes, tools to protect modern apps, and more.

Panel discussion on containers, Kubernetes, and serverless 

Join this panel of experts from Oracle and BIAS Corporation as they navigate through the choices facing developers and provide guidance on when to use containers and serverless technologies. 

Hands-on labs 

All you need is your laptop. Oracle Cloud Free Tier accounts will be provided. Spaces are limited, and participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Introduction to Cloud Native
  • The Essentials of Cloud Observability
  • Introduction to Data Science: Speech Command Recognition Demo
  • Terraforming the Cloud with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resource Manager