DEV114 Digital Assitants Facing The New Normality 

World has change , so we need to react quickly to adapt to new normality. Many questions reach hospitals, town halls, offices, most of them being quite similar. Digital Assistant, multi-skill based, is the best solution to quick response all questions and feed data for analytics treatment.

Based in actual world situation (COVID Pandemic) we need to change the way we make Business, we work, even the way we interact each others Thousand of question about the new normality and how to deal with are send massively to schools, hospitals, town hall, office facilities, etc… May I to go office with face mask? Need to visit doctor phisically o need to phone only? All of this (logical) questions need to be respond quickly and accurate, avoiding collapse target audience (hospital, schools, etc…) Best solution is to apply Digital Assistant for the most common and repetitives questions, based in multi-skilled solution, about new normallity (sanitary advices, new norms, etc…) that may be applied in any web or app for public service or Company. In addition, all questions received will be recorded for later analitical treatment. All of this data will improve DA behavior and provide feedback for audience target (companies, public services, etc…)

Our solution will be built with ORACLE Digital Assistant cloud and ORACLE analytics cloud. Based in a multi-skilled chatbot that compounds the Digital Assistant, pre-loaded with many of the most common questions around new normality, it´s a fast cloud deployable ORACLE technology that can quickly adopt to new norms, procedures and audience. The value Info (questions) received in DA will be treat in ORACLE Analytics cloud to: – Build dashboards for goverment, companies, etc.. about what are the main concerns for users. – Enhance Digital Assistant capabilities based in users questions that may change in parallel to new normallity.

The quick win is that many questions will be applicable to different scenarios (most based in sanitary situation) and may quickly be change the answers based as needed.