DEV112 Cloud-native integration solutions with Oracle Cloud 

The world is hybrid! So, from my perspective Cloud-native is the way new applications should be built today, no matter the context or the problem to solve. With respect to integration architectures this means that we need to rethink the way integration architectures should be built using the advantages and benefits of arising technologies to tackle new challenges in the integration space, like dynamic, unpredictable workloads. The good new is: The patterns stay the same!

Within this session, I’ll go through the components of a modern integration stack based on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (API Gateway, Streaming, Functions, OKE, …) and how those components might be combined to create flexible, robust and sustainable integration solutions.

I am working in the integration space since the beginning of my professional career, which is for over 13 years now. From the very first beginning I implemented integration solutions using Oracle Middleware solutions like SOA Suite (starting from 10g), OSB and BPM Suite.

Since today’s IT and corresponding technologies are evolving fast and there’s also a lot of new use cases (IoT, AI/ML, etc.) that requires to process and analyze huge amounts of data fast, I have seen many scenarios, where those Middleware solutions are no longer the best choice. In addition, we have to deal with increasing complexity when it comes to hybrid (Cloud and On-prem) solution architectures.

What we need today are more flexible, agile integration architectures that are capable to cover the arising challenges (unlimited scalability, fault isolation, short change cycles, etc.). Within this talk, I going to describe how a modern integration platform should look like, which use cases needs to be addressed and how it can be used to connect the “new” and the “old” world, since we usually don’t start on a greefiled.