DB065 Migration to Multitenant with Oracle 19c 

How do you migrate to Oracle Multitenant? Sounds simple – but the devil is in the detail.

Database components, time zone, patches – a lot of potential pitfalls. And not to forget the outage.

In 40 mins I will make you fit for a successful migration to the CDB-architecture.

Oracle Database 20c in the cloud was the first “CDB only” release. And Oracle Database 21c will be the first on-premises “CDB only” release. But how do you migrate now?

Of course, on paper this sounds pretty simple. Just use AutoUpgrade, it upgrades, plugs in and converts your database. And 60 minutes later all is fine.

But the planning is crucial to avoid any pitfalls. Database components, character sets, time zone and much much more needs to be taken into account.

And not to forget the challenges when you need minimal downtime.

Do you think about Fallback as well?

Putty all this into a 40 minute presentation sounds insane – but I will cover all these topics and give you clear advice how you should tackle this architectural change for your move to the CDB architecture.