DAT043 Automated Data Comparisons for Data, migrations, ERP/HCM 

As the data is constantly moving, transformed, and rationalized, there needs to be a better, automated method in identifying the consistency of the data, while using Hash value and dbms_compare APIs to identify the changes in both source and target systems, including data and structural changes.

Data comparison is essential for any use case, where data is constantly moving. for e.g, data center migrations, cloud migrations, database rationalizations, data warehouse use cases, etc. In this session, we will walk through the benefits of data comparisons, use cases and case studies.

Agenda: 1. Introduction to data comparisons 2. Traditional comparisons, pitfalls, and gotchas 3. DBMS_Compare API 4. Enabler for Cloud (ERP/HCM) 5. Enabler and integration with Migration tools 6. Use cases, Demos 7. Questions and Answers.