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Margie Cabanas

Co-founder & CMO
Qualita Consulting & Solution

Daughter of an entrepreneur father, I started to discover business matters by the age of 17 sharing my studies with some family work. That allowed me to visit new countries, understand several companies, and meet different people.
I studied International Marketing at ESMAI School. Meanwhile, I used to grow up professionally working in different business sectors. In 1992, the destiny addressed me to the technology world, especially to the ERP consultancy. I enjoyed a lot because I was able to apply in my projects, all what I learnt with my family.
I am very curious, always learning and innovating. As an entrepreneur’s daughter, in 2005 I had the opportunity to launch our own company, Qualita, with 4 partners. It has been an intensely and long way, but our more than 190 customers recognition, is the most beautiful reward we can have.
We try to carry out good projects; being confidents with our customers
Our objective: Transparency, honesty, professionality and quality.

Hard work but enjoying a lot.

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